When you buy on The Good Trends, you are shopping directly from the food maker. This - we believe -  is the best way to create a better value chain for both makers and stores alike.

In order to make it viable for them, each maker has the opportunity to set on The Good Trends a minimum order quantity by product they are offering. You can see those minimum order quantities below each product on the store.

As these minimum order quantities can sometimes be daunting especially for smaller stores, makers allow you to mix & match a given range to reach your minimum quantity. So instead of buying two products of the same variants, you can choose to spread your purchase over that brand's entire range.

This has two benefits for you as a retailer 

  • It means less inventory per variant in your limited storage space 

  • It builds a brand block which is proven to generate significantly more sales vs a single SKU in-store

Note that you can can also filter your search by 'Case Minimum Order' to help find makers with smaller minimums.

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