We started The Good Trends so that independent retailers could benefit from the same wholesale prices and other offers normally extended by brands only to larger retailers.


We strive for price transparency across the platform. For all the brand partners we work directly with, the price on The Good Trends is equal to their wholesale price plus the cost of shipping locally for the brand (Zone 1-3). Wherever practicable, for clarity, we show the Landed Price followed by the wholesale price and the cost of shipping.

Including local shipping in the price allows retailers to fully understand their true cost of goods sold in a single number. For shipping outside of zone 3, we charge a small additional fee per item to offset the higher shipping costs. Note, we will always encourage retailers to buy local: this is better for their customers, their prices, and for the planet!

Trial at a discount

We encourage brands to extend introductory offers to stores of up to 50% off to share the risk of trialing new items. These discounts are co-funded between us and the brands to share the risk (and the upside!), and apply up to the Minimum Order Quantity on any participating brand. Be sure to use the 'Offers' filter to help you find brands offering the best deals.

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