With multiple shipping types and product categories, getting an overall cost of shipping can sometimes be a daunting (and unpleasant task).

In order to simplify this process, all our product prices include the local shipping prices built into our prices (Zone 1-3). Once you login, you will be able to see which products are shipping in Zone 1-3 by looking at the "Free Shipping" sign on the product.

We do this for 2 main reasons

  • Make it easy to track your true unit cost: Shipping can be a killer in your P&L and can be hard to track across multiple bills and invoices. With us, you get one all in cost.
  • Highlighting the benefits of shopping local: We encourage our retailers to shop local as much as possible to benefit from better economics and contribute to the local economy.

You can, however, purchase products from all across the United States, a small additional cost will be added to your checkout to your cart to account for the incremental cost to ship on an item per item basis.

Additional cost added will depend from where the item is shipping and its weight. You can find the full table of additional costs here:

Tips: If you wanted to shop products from a specific state you can do so by filtering by state on the product panel.

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