Shipping food back & forth is extremely inefficient for the business and for the planet overall. Shipping costs can be as high as 50-60% of the full lifecycle of the product and generate unnecessary carbon footprint.

Therefore, we have the following philosophy and approach to helping retailers discover amazing new makers:

  • You will never pay for anything that you did not receive. Period. You can see more details on all the claims we cover in the claims section.

  • We will work with brands to co-fund introductory offers of up to 50% off to help you trial exciting new products without taking the full financial risk of buying the products full price.

  • We will, however, not accept returns due to buyer's remorse or products reaching the end of their shelf life. We will refund in full products that arrive with less than 75% of their shelf life remaining.

In case you have inventory about to expire, we would be very happy to connect you with our food bank partners that can help redistribute those products to people in need. You can reach us at for more details.

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