One of the biggest task of a retailer can be finding the right products for their store based on the food values, cultures, ingredients, occasions that they want to champion. However it is hard to consider and reconcile all the data points available to get to the right products. There is only one shelf after all.

To support buyers in this (very personal) curation, our team of data scientist and expert curators have developed a recommendation algorithm using machine learnings to suggest the 50 products that - based on your store and preferences - are most likely to sell well. We use data like search trends, social trends, sales trends, ingredients trends, your store type and location, and match those with your store specific requirement (when you answer our 10 questions survey), so that you can discover products to grow your business.

The product assortment will update each month with seasonally relevant products as well as with new products which might be a better fit for your store to save you time.

Read more on how to get your free personalized assortment

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