The first order is always the challenging one: the product looks great, the maker has a great story, the ingredients are clean and it is local. But will it work for my store?

In the food industry, the best & proven ways to make a trial decision a no brainer are opening order discounts - free fills or 50% off.

On The Good Trends, we encourage makers to transparently offer those kind of promotions to you as a retailer to help you try their brand. As we believe in shared success (and shared risk), we co-fund those promotions with them, waiving away our commission whenever you buy as a retailer.

To benefit from those promotions is extremely easy

  • Identify the promotions labelled with 50%/100% off first orders 
  • Upon adding to cart, a discount code will be automatically applied to your order at checkout 

Important notes 

  • Those discounts are product specific and will be applied (when relevant) for the first time you buy the product only
  • Those discounts apply only to the product minimum order quantity. If you add more units of the product, those will not 


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