Tracking the inventory and making sure reorders happen at the right time can be a challenging task for most small retail owners. It requires a lot of discipline as well as staff education.

To help with this challenge, The Good Trends can integrate with retailers using Square POS software to get access to free services to help manage their retail. Those services include:

  • Automatic new item creation in Square when orders are placed on The Good Trends with the right pricing (that you can change at your sole discretion) and product information.
  • Performance analytics to decide at a glance, location by location, which products to keep stocking and which to discontinue. 
  • Reorder notifications sent when stock is running low in the store. Make sure you update your inventory when you receive an order so the notifications are accurate. 

In case you are a retailer with several locations, you can easily set up your dashboard so you can see all your locations at a glance; you can also attach more email addresses to the locations, for example to enable your store managers to manage their inventory themselves.

Note that these tools can only help if the inventory management in the POS systems is done rigorously by the team in-store. Best practice for our most successful customers is usually to conduct inventory counting at least every 2 weeks, on the same cadence as running payroll.

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