Once you have connected your POS system, only 3 additional steps are required to finish your setup:

  • Item creation

  • Category tracking 

  • Notifications setup

Item creation

  • Go to the Item Creation tab

  • Name the category you'd like your items to be created under. It can be either a new or an existing category

  • Enable item creation

Once activated, all new items ordered on The Good Trends, will be automatically created on your Square account directly.

If you are looking to buy items through The Good Trends that are already existing in your system, please send us a note at info@thegoodtrends.com once you have connected your POS. We will make sure that your product assortment is mapped to ours to avoid creating the same items twice.

Category tracking

To enable specific category tracking (not all your POS categories are relevant for retail), go the Item Management tab. There you can pull from your POS the category then the items you would like to track and have notifications on. All the items you select will be added to your analytics dashboard.


Once you have selected the items you'd like to track, notifications help you stay on top of your inventory by receiving "smart" low rotations and inventory emails to help your staff stay on top of their business and reorder. Simply add the email from the staff member to a specific location to start.

Brand analytics 

For all the items you have decided to track, you will be able to view the comparative performance between items at a glance to make swift decisions on items rotating and generating cash margin in your store versus those that don't. 

In this view you will be able to take two actions 

  • Reorder working items at a click of a button on The Good Trends 

  • Stop tracking items that are not performing and that you'd like to stop reordering

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