Orders coming from the The Good Trends come directly to your dashboard. We will manage payments & returns with store. You will be responsible for drop-shipping or delivering the order to the store and entering the shipment information necessary for the store to track when their goods are due to arrive.

Viewing the orders

 In the Order tab you will see all the orders you have received and their respective status of fulfillment.

Fulfilling the orders

There are two ways you can fulfill your orders

  • In bulk by downloading your order file and uploading when completed 

  • Order by order by editing each orders individually in the dashboard

For orders editing in bulk, click on "download order csv" to get all your outstanding orders to fulfill, broken down by line items. Fill in the quantity fulfilled, cost of shipment and tracking number to finish processing your order.

For orders edited individually, click on each order to access the details of the order. 

To ship the full order, enter the tracking number and cost of shipment (if shipment price is not included in your price already) and enter Ship Order. The order will then be marked as complete and the shipment information will be shared with the buyer.

When editing the order manually, if there are items that you can't fulfill, you will be able to enter cost and shipping information on an item per item basis.

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