When retailers shop on The Good Trends, the price they see includes the Zone 1-3 shipping cost. This allows for all retailers in your state and neighboring states to access one all-in-price and not have to worry about shipping.

During your on-boarding, you will decide how you'd like to manage shipping costs to best suit your business:

  • Get reimbursed on a shipment per shipment basis (recommended): You would set your unit price excluding shipping and with each order we will reimburse of the actual shipping cost incurred so that you alway know what your net price is. This also allows for retailers locally to benefit from better prices.
  • Set a price including national shipping: In this case, your unit price would include free national shipping and we would pass this price directly to the consumer. While this option might seem easier, it actually results in higher wholesale prices for the retailers located close to you geographically who will pay for the ones further out - we do not recommend this option. 

When cost of shipment is reimbursed when you ship, it will be credited back to your account with the rest of the amounts due on the 3rd day of the month,

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