Retailers have usually limited space and  need to make sure the product they put on shelf will help them grow the business. It is common practice in the industry for brands to help the retailers solve this dilemma by giving them a first order at a discounted price (free fill, BOGO) to limit the risk they take.

However, sometimes, the impact of those promotions can be opaque for the brand offering with no clear tracking and ROI. At The Good Trends, our platform is built so that you see & maximize the ROI you get from those promotions by keeping store buyers engaged with your brands and their reorders.

On The Good Trends, there are two mechanics you can use to help your brand get discovered:

  • First order minimum order quantity discount: Whenever a store would buy a product for the first time, they would get a share of the products free as an incentive to trial. Note: our team makes sure that each unique store can only benefit from those promotions once.

  • Samples: Enable stores to request samples directly from you. When they accept the sample request, makers fund the cost of the sample and shipment. We conduct quarterly sampling activation where The Good Trends funds the cost of shipment, you can inquire about participating in those activation to your customer success manager.

Both mechanics can be easily turned on / off in your brand dashboard on the Product Tab. 

Once activated in your dashboard, the promotions will be live on The Good Trends and visibility to retail customers browsing our site.

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