Funding promotions can be daunting and expensive especially for small food makers. That is why The Good Trends will co-fund any promotions or sampling you offer to retailers on the platform. 

Trial at a discount

When a retailers checkouts with products eligible for trial discounts, their checkout is discounted by the amount of the trial promotion. As a maker you can set trial discounts of -15% / -30% / -50% on the minimum order quantity of the first order that a store places with you.

Your total invoice (product + shipping) will be automatically deducted from the % of the promotion applied. As we believe in shared success, any commission we take will also be deducted from this amount. For example For 100% free trial order,  The Good Trends will not make any commission on the order.


If you allow retailers to sample your products on The Good Trends, you will receive sample requests directly into your dashboard and can decide whether to honor them.

If you do not want to offer samples, you can turn off sampling from your Product dashboard.

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