As a retailer, you need to constantly differentiate your assortment and keep building awareness about your store in your neighborhood. What if there was a way to both differentiate your products AND use those products with a great story to drive more traffic to your store?

Introducing free local advertising sponsored by makers

As a condition of joining The Good Trends, makers agree to contribute towards the cost of promoting your store every you purchase their brand. The Good Trends automatically generates a social campaign (Facebook/Instagram) for you for each order you place over a $100. Above this low threshold, we will reach 1000 local shoppers for every $100 you spend with through the platform.

What do these ads look like?

All our ads are designed from best practice co-op advertising, showcasing in a carousel both your store and the local brands purchased through The Good Trends. This creates awareness both for your store and for the brands, resulting in higher sales across the board (up to 30% more in recent studies!)
Here is an example of what those ad look like:

Can I choose what gets displayed on those ads?

Of course. You can customize the whole lot or work with your retail advisor to help set it up. Customizable features include: the image, the text, the address, the radius, the start date, and the Call to Action. You can manage your advertising from your order confirmation email or from your Orders Summary page. To see more on managing your advertising, you can watch this video:

Do I pay anything for those ads driving traffic?

No! This is all part of our belief in shared success, helping you do well, the brands do well, and ultimately, helping us grow our business too.

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