At The Good Trends, we acknowledge the hard work that you put as a maker to build relationships with buyers in order to get your product on a shelf. This is your work and we want to help you doing it while making your order process simpler.

Therefore for accounts that you are already in or are building a relationship with, our Direct Program allows you to

  • Get 0% and waive our 15% commission forever - so that selling through us is the same as selling directly to them. And you still get the perks of subsidized shipping and local advertising. 

  • Give $50 in store credits for new stores to The Good Trends that you actively recommend through sharing a store list or our email referral tools. You can use our email referral for new stores also, as an incentive for them to try stocking up your brand.

There are three ways you can activate our Direct Program for existing accounts 

  • Sharing a current store list with your customer success manager 

  • Using our email referrals tools to flag current customers discussions

  • Flagging a store as direct post purchase when you see an order from an existing customer not shared with the previous two methods

Direct Program - Sharing a store list

When you get started with us, the most efficient way to map all your customer customers to The Good Trends is to share a store list including the following information 

  • Business name

  • Adress

  • Buyer email

Once you share this list with us, we will associate those accounts to your profile so that all transactions coming from those account will process at 0% commission.

Following the addition to your account, we can then do either of the following

  • Send those store a welcome email on your behalf and offering new stores to The Good Trends $50 off 

  • Just log the store referral in your account so that all orders from those stores are placed at 0% commission. In this case, no email will be sent to your accounts.

Note sharing a store list with The Good Trends is not mandatory to list your products and start getting sales.

Direct Program - Email referral

As you are constantly having discussions with new customers, we want to make adding new customers to your Direct Program easy.

To add a new customer to your Direct Program list, it is as easy as adding the email in cc (not bcc) to any email you send to a current or potential customers. This will automatically log the customer in your Direct Program as well as give $50 in store credit to the store if it new to The Good Trends.

You will receive for each email sent a confirmation that the account has been added to your list and whether the account qualified for the $50 discount

Direct Program - Flagging a store as direct post purchase

It might happen that stores you haven't added to your direct program - but are currently selling to - place an order with us. 

In this case, we can retroactively apply 0% commission for the latest order placed if you share with us an invoice showing you have been selling to the store in the past year. Please share the invoice with your customer success manager.

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