Once your brand start selling in 10s of stores, invoicing and payment can become very resource intensive. To simplify this process for our makers, The Good Trends offers a consolidated point of invoice. Invoicing takes place on the first day of every month and payment is wired to you immediately after you submit your invoice

To close the month, follow-up the below steps with us.

Step 1 - Go to your monthly tab

On the first of the month, you will be able to access a summary of all the sales conducted during the month. Note that sales will be tracked by the date on which the tracking number has been entered into our system. It is important you make sure tracking numbers are inputted regularly with every order.

Step 2 - Download your line items for the month

From the monthly statement tab, you can download a summary of all the line items that have transacted through The Good Trends over the month - including shipping and discounts. 

Step 3 - Upload an aggregated sales invoice for the month

From the line item csv, generate an invoice from your accounting software from those line items. Then upload this invoice to the month on your dashboard. You are done!

Once the invoice has been uploaded, wire transfer is made to your account in 2-3 days.

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