For each order you receive, you can either use your shipping labels or print your labels directly in the order page through our corporate accounts. This allows for better rates for your shipments and better prices for your retail partners.

How to print label on the order page

When you are on the order page, you will find a button called GENERATE LABEL in the fulfillment options.

When you click on this button, you will be asked to specify the configuration of the case that you are looking to ship. The details of the configuration must be accurate to ensure that the shipment is smoothly processed by the shipping companies.

Once you have created and selected a case configuration (all case configuration you created are saved and can be reused) you will be prompted to select to the shipping provider you would like to use for the shipment. You can use either USPS, Fedex or UPS to fulfill those orders.

Shipping labels will be automatically created and allocated to your shipment. If you are fulfilling with Option 2 (missing items or multiple shipments) you can create as many shipments as you need for the order.

After you press SHIP ORDER to close the order, you will be able to print the label by clicking on the PRINT LABEL button.

Note that when generated shipments through The Good Trends' accounts, the cost of shipping will not be reimbursed to you during payment at the end of the month.

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