Take it from us that calculating shipping costs across state and international borders with multiple shipping types and product categories can be a real headache.

Our stance on this has always been the same: we should make shipping costs as simple and transparent as possible for our retail clients. For simplicity's sake, the price on The Good Trends is equal to the wholesale price plus the cost of shipping locally for the brand within Zone 1-3. Wherever practicable, for transparency, we display this as the Landed Price followed in brackets by the wholesale price and the cost of shipping.

For shipping outside of zone 3, we charge a small additional fee per item to offset the higher shipping costs. It is not feasible for us to calculate this until you have confirmed your shipping address at check out, so this small surcharge will have a separate line on your invoice. Note, we will always encourage retailers to buy local: this is better for their customers, their prices, and for the planet!

The additional charge added will depend on the origin of the item and its weight. You can find the full table of additional costs here:

For your very first order from The Good Trends, we treat all products as local for shipping purposes, meaning that there will not be any additional shipping charges at check-out, irrespective of where your products are coming from.

Top Tip: If you want to shop products from a specific state you can do so by filtering by state on the product panel or Shop by Value>Local - My State when you are logged in.

Shop local with The Good Trends
Shop local with The Good Trends

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