How do I see your wholesale prices?

Easy. Set up your free, no obligation account with The Good Trends now.

What are the main benefits that come with my account?

In addition to seeing our transparent wholesale and shipping costs, qualified business account holders access Net 30 payment terms, can order free samples, get up to 50% off trial orders on participating brands, get free digital advertizing with every purchase, access to a local retail advisor to help with brand curation, and benefit from knowing that their business is supporting local and artisan-made food brands.

Wait, free digital advertizing?? Tell me about that!

The Good Trends is the first and only wholesaler in the country - perhaps in the universe - that offers free social media advertizing with every qualifying purchase over $100. Above that low threshold, we will reach out to 1,000 people around your business for every $100 spent. For example, if your grand total is $500, 5,000 local social media users will see an advertisement promoting you and the brands you are stocking from The Good Trends. Even better, you can customize this from your orders summary page.

How do I edit my advertizing?

Start editing now - follow the link in your Orders Summary page.

Do you have a minimum order value?

No. Unlike traditional distributors, The Good Trends is just a marketplace to connect retailers to craft makers so we do not impose a dollar minimum purchase. However, our makers will set a Case Minimum Order. You will find these on the brand overview and individual product pages. You can also use the Case Minimum Order filter to find makers with minimums you are comfortable with. If you are just getting started with us or do not know a brand, you may wish to keep this to a low level.

Remember, you can always Mix & Match within a brand's selection to meet their minimum. You are not obliged to have multiple cases of the same product.

Plus, many makers offer introductory discounts to offset your risk of trying them out on your shelves.

What is Mix and Match?

Mix and Match lets you shop across a brand's entire range in order to meet their Minimum Order Quantity. It is a great way to reduce your risk while you find the best brands for your business. Just look for the Quick View or Quick Shop buttons over brand photos, the Mix and Match button below a brand, or a button on a product page that reads "Need more variety? Mix & Match the range".

How do I build a purchase list?

When you are on the product's details page, just click "Add to List" to display your previous purchase lists or to create a new one. You can get back to these lists at any time by clicking the big heart symbol at the top right of your screen or under My Account>Purchase Lists.

Collaborating as a team of buyers or need approval from the business owner? Your colleagues don't need their own account to view your purchase lists. Just go into the purchase list and copy the URL shown at the top of the list. Then send this to your colleagues in an email.

Can I order free samples?

Qualified business accounts can order free samples from all participating brands. Just look for the 'Request Sample' button on the product page. To find all the products available as samples, use the Offers filter on the left-hand side of the screen when in Shop by Category.

How can I find the best offers?

Use the Offers filter on the left-hand side of the screen when in Shop by Category to find brands offering free samples, and 15%, 30%, and even 50% off introductory offers. Remember, these offers will apply up to the brand's MOQ and are available for business account holders only.

I'm shopping for a holiday. What have you got?

We try to curate holiday selections for you and will post these in the carousel on The Good Trends homepage. Our local retail advisors also love to work with clients to curate the perfect brand line-ups. If you can't instantly find what you're looking for, please reach out to the team using the chat button at the bottom right of website. This is often the quickest way to get hold of your dedicated retail advisor even if the first person who answers you might be new to you.

Where is my order?

You can track your shipments and contact makers directly via your Orders Summary page. Click here:

Our brand partners have up to 14 days to fulfil orders so please try not to rush them. Note that The Good Trends fulfilment team monitors all orders and will communicate with makers on your behalf if we think there is a risk of them not meeting their obligation to you.

The product I received doesn't match what I ordered. What can I do?

In the first instance, please contact the maker if you have concerns. You can do this via the invoice in your Orders Summary page. It is possible that in the time between you ordering and the maker fulfilling the order, the product became Out of Stock. In such cases, the maker should have tried to contact you to offer you an alternative or see if you wanted to decline that part of the order. If they couldn't get hold of you, they might have decided to send you the alternative. If this happens and you do not want it, please click the 'Issues with Order' button in your Orders Summary to contact us direct and we will take care of it.

How can I contact the maker?

You can contact the makers only after you have requested a sample or placed an order. Go to My Account>Sample Requests>Contact Seller or My Account>Orders>Print Invoice>Contact Maker. As soon as the maker receives your order or sample request, they will have the same ability to contact you.

My invoice doesn't look right. What can I do?

Click the chat button at the button right of the website to get hold of an actual human within minutes. Clicking the 'Issues with order' button in your Orders page will achieve the same thing. We are tech-enabled but human-first. We promise you will have an empathetic human supporting you very soon. Because we human do sleep and we are all on Eastern Term so please be patient with us if you trying to get hold of us throughout the night; we'll be with you as soon as we can.

Why have you sent me a samples box?

Working on behalf of our makers, we send sample boxes out to prospective clients who we think would benefit from working with The Good Trends and our fabulous collection of makers. So if you've just received a sample box, it is most likely because we would love to do business with you. We hope you will take the time to explore the marketplace, create your wholesale account, and start growing your business with unique, small batch products. You will have received an email about this in advance - if you didn't see it, perhaps check your spam and add us to your favorites list.

If you've received a box and already work with us, this is just a way for us to help your product discovery and introduce you to new makers. We hope you find this useful. We try our best to curate the boxes to match what we already know about your business needs and preferences, although we can't guarantee that every product has been curated for you. Again, if you didn't see an email about this, please check your spam. Through your account, you'll be able to receive messages from the brands and offer them your feedback on the sample product and whether or not it might be a fit for you.


What retail price should I set the products at?

All of our makers list a Recommended Retail Price on their product pages. As a wholesale marketplace, we cannot advise you further. Bear in mind, however, that the RRP is a national recommendation and your retail prices remain at your sole discretion.

Can I refer a brand or another store to you?

We love referrals. In fact, we'll reward you for them. Use our Referral Brand to put either your favorite brands or another business owner in touch with us. As soon as they onboard with us or place their first order, we'll give you $50 in store credit. And if a brand you carry lists with us, we won't charge them a commission when you reorder through The Good Trends. We call it Get $50, Give 0%.

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