Working on behalf of our makers, we send sample boxes out to prospective clients who we think would benefit from working with The Good Trends and our fabulous collection of makers. So if you've just received a sample box, it is most likely because we would love to do business with you. We hope you will take the time to explore the marketplace, create your wholesale account, and start growing your business with unique, small batch products. You will have received an email about this in advance - if you didn't see it, perhaps check your spam and add us to your favorites list.

If you've received a box and already work with us, this is just a way for us to help your product discovery and introduce you to new makers. We hope you find this useful. We try our best to curate the boxes to match what we already know about your business needs and preferences, although we can't guarantee that every product has been curated for you. Again, if you didn't see an email about this, please check your spam. Through your account, you'll be able to receive messages from the brands and offer them your feedback on the sample product and whether or not it might be a fit for you.


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