We've made it as simple as possible to reorder when stocks run low.

Just log in and return to your orders summary page. Unless you have a cart waiting to check out, you will automatically land on your orders summary page when you log in.

Find the order containing the products you need to reorder and then click on either the Reorder button or on the order number as shown below.

This will bring up the details of the last order. Now just select the product you wish to reorder by ticking your selection as indicated below. If your selection includes Mix & Match, you will have the option to select different products as part of that Mix & Match on the next screen. It will not be possible to selection brands that are out of stock or no longer available. Now click the Reorder button to bring up your new cart.

From there, it is possible to edit the Mix & Match before confirming your order in the normal way.

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