At The Good Trends, we love referrals. It is the ultimate validation of our efforts to support independent business owners and craft food makers. We will even reward you for them.

If you know a local food brand you think would be a good fit for us, refer them to us today. As soon as they join, we’ll give you $50 credit and three times the normal rate of advertising on your next order, and the brand will never pay a commission on your orders.

To take advantage of this fantastic scheme, log in to your account and click on our Referral Program in the navigation bar. Here you can read more about the offer, but critically you’ll find your personalized referral link. Share this link with the brand and when they sign up the benefits will automatically be applied to your account. You can also use the email template by clicking on Invite a Brand. We’ll take care of the rest and we’ll notify you when your benefits are applied.

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